An overview of the proper dry diet for Scottish folds

Scottish Fold cats are a breed that we all know and are fond of However, do we have enough knowledge about the is the proper diet for them? Don’t be deceived by cute ears with buttons and adorable squished noses. these gorgeous cats are strong predators and their diets ought to reflect the fact that they are predators. A healthy diet for the beloved Scottish Fold includes tons of protein, and very few carbs. It should consist of a mix of dry and wet food and you’re better off purchasing high-quality food in bulk.

Scottish Fold feeding

Otherwise, you may find yourself giving your savings to your animal vet in the near future or even later. It’s not like your cat friend is a fan of”low-carbs,” or “low carbs” diet trend as everyone else on the planet. They’ve been on “low carbs” for long before we ever knew the term “carbs! Learn more about what to feed your Scottish family What to look out for, what not to look for and the best food options available online!

Why diet matters for the Scottish fold temperament

Scottish Fold cat Scottish Fold cat is, as you might imagine it is a breed of cat with a history that dates all the way back to Perthshire, Scotland in 1961. They are, in all likelihood the cutest thing to ever emerge from Scotland sporting tiny button ears that fold across to face the front. Along with their round faces and big eyes, they give them an appearance that resembles an old-fashioned barn Owl.

They are hugely loved by cat fans because of their stunning looks, but in part because they are extremely affectionate pets and are extremely connected to their family. However, not every kitten from the Scottish Fold couple will be real Scottish Folds.


This mutation which causes their ears to fold caused by an over-active gene. However it is estimated that as high as 40percent of kittens have ears that are straight instead. It’s not a secret that they’re adorable! This means that If you’re looking for to get a Scottish Fold cat, you will find it in general higher priced as compared to other breeds.

It also means that you have a specific obligation to provide the best care of this unique breed. This is why you should know what their dietary needs are. The most important reasons why you must be cautious about the diet of the Scottish fold feline are as follows:

  • As an animal breed, they’re in fact still closely related to their wild relatives.
  • Although visually distinct the digestive systems of their ancestors are nearly identical to their ancestral ancestors.
  • They are sensitive to stomachs and frequently react badly to carbs.
  • They must eat a lot of meat as well as cartilage, organ meat and bones.
  • They don’t get as exercise as they did in the wild.

The possibility in feeding your Scottish Fold an unhealthy diet including a large amount of carbs is more significant when you consider the fact the fact that they live in a relatively sedentary life in the house. Obesity poses a significant danger, and you could not be aware of the issue because it is a natural trait of the Scottish Fold. Scottish Fold is a naturally round cat with soft edges. It is also difficult to find an Scottish fold-cat to shed weight without investing a lot in food that is specialized, so it is important to concentrate on prevention, not treating.

The best dry food for Scottish Folds

Let’s examine the most suitable dry food to feed you Scottish Fold cat. Dry food is an excellent option because it’s well-retaining and occupies little space, is able to be used in a snap, isn’t than messy and doesn’t odor more than wet food. But it comes with some warnings.

Dry food shouldn’t be the only food you give to your Scottish Fold. Like the majority of cats, she doesn’t want to drink a lot of water. Cats have eating a wild diet, and they obtain the bulk of the water they require from freshmeat that is raw and therefore don’t want to venture to the water source and drink often.


Ideally, it is best to utilize the combination of dry foods along with wet food. fresh organs and meats to nourish the members of your Scottish fold.

If you are using dry foods, the best thing you can do is treat it as a type of cat food Add a little boiling water, and let it cool. It will become an appealing, soft and moist food that is more appealing and maintain the Scottish Fold hydrated!

The best dry food for scottish folds should include:

  • The most protein is possible Ideally, at least 30 percent
  • The lower the amount of carbs in it, the more nutritious.
  • Organs and meats are listed as the primary ingredients.

Nothing much, and certainly not any of the ingredients that fill in the gaps, like potatoes or grains. All the vital vitamins and minerals that cats and kittens require are taurine. Grain-free alternatives are the best.


A fantastic option you can purchase online is this dry cat food from Taste of The Wild. It’s not the most expensive cat food available however it’s certainly one of the top considering the length of time a 14lb bag can last (If kept in a proper manner) it’s not a major cost for your tiny critter.

Smoked salmon and roasted venison add to the overall flavor of this dish and will satisfy even the most picky cats. Although the primary protein is chicken, the list of ingredients is actually comprised of smoke salmon and roasted venison.

This dry food comes with the highest protein content. You will have a tough to find in other brands. In comparison, a normal chicken breast contains around 31% protein. Likewise, ground beef could be as high as 28 percent.

Also, add in to that doesn’t contain grains It doesn’t make a better choice than this. There are certain filler ingredients including peas and sweet potatoes however they’re the most safe varieties and shouldn’t cause any issues for the Scottish fold.

The majority of reviewers are pleased with the food and, for reasons unknown, many reviewers mention that it has the additional benefit of reducing the smell in the litter box. If your cat is experiencing digestive or smell issues, it could be worthwhile to take the time to look into this particular brand.

It is possible that it will continue to benefit long-term and there are numerous reviews of cat owners who have been feeding this product as a steady diet for months.


Another excellent dry cat food without grains is this one made by Blue Buffalo ( you can purchase the food right here). With an astounding 40% protein content, you’ll be able to rest assured you and your Scottish Fold will be well-supple in this department.

It’s not a surprise considering that the three primary ingredients are chicken, salmon and turkey! The fillers they make use of are nutritious and high in vitamins, including tapioca root as well as Flaxseed.

Doesn’t it sound like the recipe for an extremely trendy organic, healthy food that is Instagram-worthy?

This food contains vitamin and antioxidants that are healthy and is free of poultry by-products, wheat, corn, soy, and certainly no preservatives or artificial flavors. This is definitely not a junk food, however the Salmon is still likely to provide this food attractive to cat lovers.

There are many flavors of this brand however the Salmon is the most popular. The kibble is tiny and is packed with vitamin-rich “life bits” which are separately processed at lower temperatures in order to maintain the strength in the mix of vitamins.

The majority of reviewers are satisfied with this food. And especially, some say that it has helped them with the dandruff issues of their cats and may be a problem for Scottish Fold. Scottish Fold.

It is logical as Blue Buffalo claims that sweet potato is the primary ingredient in this kibble. It’s full of complex carbohydrates, which aid in coat health and shine.


We know that you’ll always strive to have the finest food to fill you and your Scottish Fold, we also recognize that gourmet meals aren’t always an choice.

Although it doesn’t offer the most exciting of ingredient lists, this variety of dry food products from Purina can still deliver well at an affordable price. It is available here.

It’s not an unhealthy food and definitely better than any brand available in the supermarket. The main ingredient is Turkey This particular kind of turkey has 38 percent protein that is a huge amount for such a low-cost food item.

It is possible to get the 16lb bag just 10 bucks if you look out and make the purchase when it is in demand.

The majority of reviewers are very pleased with the food, particularly considering the cost. If you have a family with multiple pets or taking care of cats, or are experiencing a difficult financial period, having this website in your pocket can be a lifesaver.

The benefit that this cat food has is it is Purina is generally an extremely stable brand therefore you are likely to find it almost everywhere, at any moment and at the same cost. There should not be any major issues and it’s actually the most popular choice for pet owners.

How to prevent overeating in your Scottish Fold cat

Scottish Fold cats, especially neutered or spayed cats, are prone to overeating. First, because of a change in hormonal background. And, secondly, because of a generally low-exercise lifestyle. Therefore, a balanced content of dry food for Scottish Folds is the key to their long-term health. So how can you prevent your Scottish Fold cat from overeating? With a diet that uses dry food, it’s easy to do:

  • Consult your veterinarian and choose the best dry food for your Scottish Fold cat.
  • Strictly follow the dosage for the day.
  • Don’t feed your cat human food.

Following these three simple rules will allow your Scottish Fold cat to stay in good physical shape, getting all the vitamins and micronutrients he needs for a full life. Also, play with your Scottish Fold cat more often, because it is not only physical exercise, but also fun for both of you!

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