9 Amazing facts about Scottish Fold Cats

We love Scottish Fold cats for their adorable appearance, fluffy thick fur, and loyalty to their owners. What else have we heard about this cat breed? Interesting facts about Scottish Folds let us get to know this breed even better.

Scottish Fold cats
Scottish fold cat’s ears are their most distinctive characteristic, and they’re amazing. There are also other fascinating information about these cat breed. What are you aware of Scottish fold cat? Learn the nine most surprising details about these cats!

1. Scottish folds share one common family ancestor Susie

Cats with ears that fold are known since the 17th century, Scottish fold cats first became popular in the late 1960s. In the year 1961, In the city of Perthshire, Scotland, a kitten with ears folded was found in a litter non-folded cats. The kitten is named Susie. The kitten was bred with other cats in order to create the breed. Eventually the majority of Scottish fold cats share the same common ancestor.

2. Their folds are caused by an alteration

A folded ear is a spontaneous mutation caused by an incompletely dominant gene, resulting in both folded and straight-eared cats in the same litter. Although the main effect that this mutation has is its fold could affect other parts areas of our body. Particularly, Scottish Fold cats may suffer from cartilage issues.

3. Scottish folds always are born with straight ears

Although Scottish fold cat breeds are renowned for their distinctively folded ears however, they’re actually born with straight ears. The fold starts to form at the age of 18 to the age of 24 however, only if they possess the gene accountable for the fold. Most of the time, their ears remain straight, in which they’re referred to as Scottish shorthairs. In general, around half of litters with a Scottish folded parent is likely to have ears folded while the other half won’t.

4. Scottish folds cannot be crossed

Scottish fold cats aren’t crossed for the sake of ethical considerations because offspring could have degenerative issues. Both Scottish Fold and Highland Fold cat breeds are always crossed with Scottish Straights or Highland Straights. Because they’re always crossed with different breeds, not every kitten in their litter will have folded ears. In the end, Scottish Fold cats remain unique and exotic.

5. There are three levels of folds

The ear folds of cats are classified in three categories that are single, double and triple. Today’s the show quality cats usually demostrate triple folds. One fold one small fold that is confined to the tips of the ears. Double fold ears have an ear that is more prominently bent than an ear that is single fold, with around half of the ear bent downwards. Triple fold ears lie on its side, which makes the head appear larger. Scottish fold cats don’t always have a sharply folded ear but they’ve been a common sight within these cats over the course of decades of selective breeding with breeders deciding to breed only cats with double or triple folds.

6. Sitting poses of Scottish Folds are very similar to human

Scottish Folds are famous for their adorable personality and playful quirky traits. They often sit like a prairie dog to increase their view when they hear noises. They’re also known to sit as humans, something Scottish Fold owners have fondly named “The Buddha Sit.”

7. Scottish Fold cats will require gentle touches

Although Scottish Fold cats aren’t necessarily fragile, they require delicate handling, particularly with regards to their tails which may be stiff. If you are buying an Scottish Fold cat, it is recommended to check the flexibility of their tail, however, it’s essential to treat them gently. If they’re handled rough the cat could suffer serious discomfort.
There are a variety of ways to interact to the Scottish Fold that won’t cause discomfort. When in doubt, take care to be gentle with them.

8. They’re the only folded cats that show

Although Scottish cats aren’t the only short-haired cats with folded ears. Besides Scottish Folds there are Scottish Straights, Highland Straits and Highland Folds. The last two breeds are long-haired. They are by far the most popular breed that has Scottish Folds. “Presently, only folded ear cats of Scottish lineage are permitted in the show ring,” states CFA. Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA). In particular the it is only Scottish Fold cats with triple folds are considered to be show-quality.

9. Scottish Fold cats are T-Swift certified

The pop star Taylor Swift isn’t the only famous person in her family. Her twin Scottish fold cats are now fan-favorites as well. The two cats are named after primetime drama actors, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson are always at Swift’s side. They’ve been featured in commercials and photo shoots. The beginning of the year, Swift adopted a third cat called Benjamin Button. Benjamin Button isn’t an Scottish fold, but he’s the type of Ragdoll and he seems to fit in with the group perfectly.

Scottish fold cats are famous for their distinctive ears folded that create an adorable appearance. They have round faces with large, round eyes. their elongated ears make them appear larger. In reality, they’re thought of as teddy bears, or Owls. Due to their adorable appearance and sweet disposition they’re highly desired and loved by a lot of.

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