How much Scottish fold kittens set you back

Scottish Fold cats can definitely attract anyone with their big eyes that sparkle, their fluffy fur, and adorably folded ears. They’ve become one of the most loved cat breeds around the world due to their adorableness. If you are also interested in one of these adorable cats You should know the price it will cost you to get the Scottish Fold cat. Also, consider the possible costs of caring for the cat. Here is everything you should know about Scottish Fold kitten prices and everything else that you require in taking care of your cat.

Scottish Fold kittens

How much can Scottish Fold cats cost

The prices of Scottish Fold kittens range from $800-$2,000, based on a variety of variables. It could be more expensive when you have a exceptional lineage and uncommon coat colors. Additionally, Scottish Folds that have ears that fold are more expensive in comparison to straight ears.

The main reason the Scottish Folds cost so much are due to their rarity and importance. They’re not the typical cats we usually see. As the demand for these cute kittens increases, their prices may be higher. More information about breeders, such as their history and a website links is available here.
As you’ve seen that the cost for Scottish Fold kittens vary from breeder to breeder. Every Scottish Fold cattery takes into account certain aspects when pricing their beautiful kittens. This will be covered in the next section.

Why are Scottish Fold cats so expensive

Key factors affecting the Scottish Fold Price are based on particular elements. Here are the main aspects that impact Scottish Fold’s cost:

Scottish Fold Breeder’s status and reputation

Professional Scottish Fold breeders put in their time and effort improving and developing their lineage. They spend thousands of dollars on breeding facilities, educating, and providing health care to their  kittens. Therefore, their kittens are priced more expensive than the other breeds.

Scottish Fold cat age

Scottish Fold kittens are more expensive than adult cats. Since cats are fragile while they are kittens, they require more attention and attention to stay healthy and healthy. Adult cats are much easier to maintain.

Scottish Fold Colors and patterns.

Scottish Fold cats with unusual coats are considered to be more expensive than kittens of common colors. Rare colors are chinchilla and golden, so the kittens of those colors expected to be more expensive. And Scottish Folds with a tortoiseshell pattern cost usually more than others. In this breed of cat, the color of the eyes is also considered. The rare eye colors are blue and bi-colors.

The amount of folds

The folded ears that automatically turn forward are hallmarks that distinguish Scottish Fold cats. Scottish Fold cat breed. But it is not the case that every breeds of purebred Scottish Fold kittens have a folded ears. The ones with folded ears cost more than ones who have straight ears. In the same way that, the cost for a triple or double fold is more expensive than those with only a single fold.

Vet care and health issues

This is one of the most important things you’d consider when purchasing the Scottish Fold cat. The kitten you purchase should have already been checked for genetic ailments as well as other congenital ailments. The breeder can ask for the medical certification and the history of the cat’s health to see whether it passed the required exams and vaccinations.

Pedigree certification

Breeders pay hundreds of dollars for DNA tests and health tests to register their litters with an official registry for cats similar to that of the Cat Fanciers Association. The pedigree certificate is evidence of the purebred status along with the bloodlines for the Scottish Fold kitten you bought.

Scottish Fold kitten

These are just a handful of the aspects that breeders look at when the pricing of the cost of their Scottish Fold kittens. So you shouldn’t be shocked at the reasons Scottish Fold kittens are expensive. In addition to the food, shelter bedding, spaying/neutering and the countless hours and affection they devote to caring for their kittens. If you want to to estimate the average monthly expenses of Scottish Fold care, click here

How Much is the adoption of a Scottish Fold cat from a shelter

If you are finding the cost for Scottish Fold kittens from breeders excessive, I suggest that you consider taking one of the kittens from a rescue center or an animal rescue.
The adoption costs for Scottish Folds at shelters and rescues are cheaper than breeder’s fees, which range between 60 to 400 dollars on an average.
The adoption fee acts as the blood supply that keeps rescue organizations operating and running. The majority of rescue organizations operate by the efforts of volunteers members. The food costs and medical requirements of the rescue cats are covered by the adoption fees and the donations they receive. This means that you not just give an animal with a new house when you take it in it, however, you also offer the space needed for another cat to be saved. Adopting a cat is a noble act and also it is a smart economic decision.

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