Preparedness before you purchase a Scottish Fold kitten

Are you looking for a Scottish Fold kitten? It is best to wait until you have definitive answers to the questions listed below. If you don’t, it’s very likely that this cat breed is not good for you. This can happen to anyone. If you have not prepared properly prior to when they decide to accept a new cat into the home, in might happen to you too.

Scottish cats are shedding regular | Watch out for cat allergies

Scottish kitten

This is most likely the least thought of one. Most people don’t think of allergies when they are about to purchase a new pet or a new cat. However, in our day and age, allergies are prevalent and many suffer from allergies. It is recommended that prior to any other thing you do, you run tests for allergies to cats. If you’re not a fan of the idea of hospitals or laboratories, you must at the very the very least get yourself into the cat’s environment. Spend a night with a pet owner, or even borrow a cat from someone else for several days.

Is Scottish Fold good for you | Do you have what it needs

Consider whether you’re the type of person who will accept a stubborn Scottish fold throughout his daily life. The experience of owning an Scottish fold is exhausting and, at times, exhausting. Scottish folds typically last longer than 10 years, therefore, don’t just think about now, imagine yourself with your fold for 10 years from today. Love, patience, and love are the four key ingredients that you must have. The love, affection, and devotion is the price you need to pay for a cat that is very sociable, friendly, and focused on people in the fold. For some, this is the price you pay to be sweaty but for others it’s difficult and exhausting.

Some things you should know about Scottish Folds

There are four types of Scottish cats: Scottish Folds, Scottish Straights, Highland Folds and Highland Straights. Straight-eared Scottish cats do not have the Fold gene that causes folded ears. Folded eared carry just 1 copy of this gene ( also known as Heterozygous). Why should we care? We care, because the stronger the expression of this gene the higher the possibility the cat will develop osteochondrodysplasia While breeding one parent should be a Scottish Fold, and another should be a Scottish Straight. This lets avoid joint deceases.

If you’re planning to opt for the folded-eared Scottish cat type be sure to choose a reliable breeder who provides health insurance. If you decide to adopt an grown-up Scottish Fold cat or kitten from a shelter, ask vet to check the pet for indications of stiffness, specifically on the back. If you can, have take an X-ray as well.

Beyond that aside from these, it is important to know that this cat breed is very flexible. That means that if you plan to introduce your family with more pets or even if you already have pets the Scottish cat will be good. The same is true for kids. Scottish cats are extremely friendly and you won’t have any difficulties between your children and them. Scottish cats can also adapt to various circumstances which makes them ideal for people who organize frequent gatherings or travel frequently.

Buying a Scottish Fold means a commitment to a serious obligation

Scottish kitten

This is a message to anyone who’s never had a cat prior to this. It is possible that you think you’ve got everything to become the Scottish fold cat owner. A good start is not enough because when you purchase a Scottish Fold kitten it you will be able to take full obligation for their life.

The welfare of the cat is in your arms. If it is suffering, it’s your responsibility. If it’s healthy and happy, then it’s your responsibility. The experience of having a pet is like having children. You are responsible for your pet and cannot let go of.

Tools, gadgets, toys and other things for a Scottish Fold you’ll require

Because you’re so committed, to your Scottish Fold kitten, let’s take a look at the essentials to consider before the purchase. There is no doubt you will require kitten food and snacks, so you are able to easily train and reward it. You will also require at least two bowls to store water and food. There are a variety of options to feed your cat and even feeders that are automatic.

It is also essential to have a cat litter box. It’s easy to train your kitten to use it, if you already have one as it moves to your home. The cat litter box should be easy to use, easy to clean and have a regular place in your apartment or house.
It will be wise to provide your Scottish Fold with a sleeping bed. There is a wide choice of beds, you can choose one, that suites your preferences. It may be better to buy a bed a little later, when you figure out your cat’s preferences. Some Folds like sheltered beds, some prefer cots. If you’re not sure of the right choice, you can arrange a temporary sleeping place from a small fleece blanket and then replace it. The important thing is to make sure your Fold has a private sleeping space.
Remember that toys get bored or lost, so do not buy a lot of them, 1-2 will be enough for the first time. Folds, like people, have individual preferences, so they like toys depending on their temperament. Getting to know your Fold kitten, you will regularly make him happy with new toys. You’ll have to buy a scratching post or a cratching tree, otherwise your furniture might be scratched. The last but not least are shampoo, a brush, a comb and clippers for your Folds’s grooming needs.

What services are necessary for your Scottish Fold cat

There are two things you will require as the owner of a Scottish fold or as a cat owner. The very first and foremost is the vet. It is crucial to conduct a thorough investigation prior to taking your choice. They require special care and attention in order to avoid issues in later life. If your Scottish Fold Breeder is living near you, than you can ask for references. Most breeders go to reliable vet clinics, so they would recommend you the experienced veterinarian, who has already supervised several generations of Scottish Fold cats and have examined your kitten as well.

Scottish fold kittens

Other services you may require is a grooming salon. Grooming services can be an enjoyable way to get away from the routine that many people find boring. If you’re planning to make use of a service such as this, make sure you are familiar with the proprietors and the products personally. If your cat isn’t keen on visiting the groomer, this could be a sign that your cat is not happy there.
And if you travel a lot, you may need to choose one of cat boarding options. You can always choose between Pet Sitting, In-Home Pet Boarding or Traditional Boarding. If your cattery is near you, ask the breeder, whether he offers such service. Boarding your Scottisch Fold in a familiar environment and trusting a loving person is probably a great opportunity.
This is all you need to have a good idea, you’re armed with knowledge , so you will be confident when you purchase that first folded item. If all of these future cat concerns make you feel energized and in great spirits, chances are the Scottish cat is good for you. Learn about each of the types of Scottish cats, get to know their personality traits, and buy an adorable kitten with the famous baby face!

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