Scottish Folds vs Highland Folds

Have you ever wondered why people refer to the Scottish Fold breed Highland Fold even though it’s an incorrect statement? There’s not a complete theory on it, let’s discuss the differences and similarities looking for a clue about.

Scottish fold vs highland fold

Main differences between Scottish Fold and Highland

Many people accept that Scottish Fold and Highland Fold are synonymous. Although this isn’t completely incorrect, it’s not true also. They’re pretty much the same cat, with the same shape, size and even ears. They are still susceptible to the same illnesses, however the difference is with their look. Both Scottish Folds and Highland Folds also requires the right and high-quality food so that the fur stays gorgeous, thick and pleasant to feel and pet. In the end, the coat and skin will appear nice if you follow right feeding diet guidelines.

In contrast to those with the Scottish Fold, Highlands have coat that is long. Apart from that, their fur is much thicker on their upper legs, their toes, ears and even the tail. As with all long-haired cats Highland Folds need a daily brushing routine and grooming every time they shed. This is why it is wise to purchase a high-quality comb to eliminate excessive hair, and prevent the at the same time mats if you are planning to buy a Highland Fold kitten.

The key similarity of a Scottish Fold and Highland Fold

Both of theese cat breeds are a medium-sized with a round head and huge round eyes. But, they do have an distinctive feature that makes them very easy to recognize. They have a genetic mutation that alters the cartilage in the body, which causes the ears to “fold” like their name.

They both are born with ears that are straight. It is difficult to tell them from normal cats until around 20 days old. This is when the ears stop bending. Around 50% in the animals will foldwith the remainder being referred to as straight eared folds. But, the adorable ears come with a tragic tale. What causes them to fold is an abnormality known as OCD that impacts the growth of cartilage and bones across the entire body. It could be a painful experience for a cat in the early years of. They also are susceptible to PDK or cardiomyopathy.

The main difference between Scottish Fold and Highland Fold cats

The key difference is the coat. Scottish Fold cat has short hair and is available in a variety of shades. The fur is dense and soft. Because of this, the breed needs minimal in terms of grooming. But, it all depends on the shade. Highland Folds in contrast to the Scottish Folds have a long silky coat. They are not prone to falling off, as, for example, Angora cat breed. And they are much easier to comb out, even during the shedding period. They are of many different colors and patterns like Scottish Folds.

Highland Folds

The overall difference is not huge however it’s enough to mislead some people who are purchasing the wrong kind of cat. Not knowing the cat you have could mislead you , and cause you to overlook important actions such as brushing regularly and purchasing a special diet for cats with long hair. So, I’m going to ask whether you’ve heard about this distinction? Which breed do you think is more attractive and why would you pick a dog that requires more maintain breed?

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