Unique features of Highland Straight cats

The Highland Straight is a type of Scottish cat breed, whose features include straight ears and long coat. The pros of this one are the same as those of other Scottish cats: a good character, quiet temperament, cute appearance, sufficiently easy care. The undoubted feature is a long coat and better health than the Scottish Fold. If you buy a Highland Straight cat, you will get a completely fabulous pet, very beautiful, just dreamlike.

Highland Straight cat

The popularity of these cats is still lower than that of the Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight, but they are finding more and more of their true fans among cat owners.
As you can see from the table below, Highland Straights are even slightly easier to care for than Scottish Straights. They are just as friendly to people, and molt on average slightly less than their short-haired counterparts.

Personality and Care Features of Highland Straight Cat

Friendliness 80,00%
Shedding level 70,00%
Talkativeness 60,00%
Kids friendly 80,00%
Health 80,00%


Temperament of Highland straight cats

The temperament of Highland straight does not differ from other breeds of Scottish cats. They are friendly, kind, not aggressive, good-natured optimists, who will become true companions, and can get along with both a single person and a large family with kids and other pets.
At the same time, like most Scottish cats, Highland Straights are likely to try to avoid spending time on their owner’s lap, preferring to take their private place, but not far from you. Usually, males allow more cuddling than females, but all is good in moderation. Highlanders are cats for those who value their freedom and respect the freedom of others. For this reason, if you want a furry cushion that you’ll squeeze on and off, go for another breed.

Highland Straight cat

Of course, the character traits of a cat do not only depend on genetics, but also on upbringing. If a kitten was abused it can become aggressive or at least not friendly and fearful. If it was taken away from its mother and littermates early (before 3 months of age), it may not be socialized and not trained to play safely without claws. If kittens are accustomed to the litter box by 1,5 months, then it takes longer (up to 2,5-3 months) to accustom them to the scratching post – these skills are taken over from their mother.

Often there are deviations from the norm, when the Scottish cat, despite the good conditions of education, is aggressive, restless, mischievous and not affectionate.To these variants also it is necessary to be ready just in case, although they are rare. In short, the following steps should be taken in such cases.

  1. Let your Highland be examined by a vet. It may be an indicator of some health problems or stress.
  2. Consult a pet psychologist. In most cases, the problem can be solved in such a way.

Pros and cons of Highland Straight cats

To make it easier for you to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of the breed, we have compiled a list. It’s better to find out about the typical traits of the breed beforehand so that your expectations match up with what these marvelous creatures are ready to offer you.

Pros Cons
Is good for beginners Sits on your lap only in the mood
Gentle temperament Does not tolerate strong squeezing
Easily get along with people and other pets Some cats may prone to heart disease
Is not naughty or vindictive Prone to kidney disease if not properly bred

As you can see, the pros and cons of these kitties are much more than the cons. This breed is generally pleasant to socialize with and easy to care for, especially if you can accommodate and put up with some temperament traits. That is, love your Highland Straight unconditionally, accepting it as it is.

History of the Highland Straight breed

The Highland Straight is a relatively new cat breed. It wasn’t recognized by some felinological organizations until the 1970s. It originally came about by crossing British and Persians, and then crossing their litters with the Scottish Folds. The result was this exquisite appearance of the Highland Straight.

Highland Straight

Highland straights are more rare than Scottish straights and Scottish folds. Even at cat shows, you do not see her very often. As of today, the Highland Straight as an independent cat breed is recognized by such felinological organizations as ACF, CFA, TICA, ACFA and WCF.

Today, it is allowed to cross Highland straights with Highland folds, which can result in a long-haired Highland Straight or Highland Fold. However, there are not many catteries in the world that specialize in Highland cats.

Highland Straight breed standards

Breed standards for Highland straights are the same as for Scottish straights, but with one difference. And that, of course, a unique beauty coat of different colors and patterns.

Highland Straight Coat

The difference between the Highland Straight and the Scottish Straight is a long flowing hair. It is somewhat similar to the coat of Persian cats, but has several advantages:

  1. It does not get mated, because the hair structure is very different. Accordingly, combing out these cats can be less often than the Persians. If there is no shedding, it is enough once a week, although it is allowed once a day if you want.
  2. The coat of a Highland Straight does not need constant washing, and 3-5 times a year is enough. Of course, if the cat gets dirty somewhere, you will need to bathe unscheduled.
  3. Since the Highlanders are in fact half-longhairs, despite the fact that officially they are long-haired, then during the shedding there is less hair than in the same Persians.

If the coat of a Highland Straight cat has a structure resembling that of a wool, it is considered a significant disadvantage.

Highland Straight colors and patterns

As for the colors of the Highland Straights, they come in the same manner as for the other Scottish Cat breeds. This is a very rich spectrum from monochrome colors (solid), such as blue or purple, to the painted (tabby) and others. So, there are Highland straight chinchilla cats, white, black, red (red), peach (cream), etc. Read more about the colors of Scottish cats.

Eyes of Highland Straight

The eyes of the Highland Straight are large and round, which gives the cat a baby face. The color of the eyes depends on the color of the coat.

Highland Straight Head and Muzzle

A thoroughbred Highland Straight cat must have a round head (of course, with fur it looks somewhat different), a round forehead, smoothly going into a short broad nose without a hump. The muzzle is round, due to the well-developed cheekbones and jaw.

Body of Highland Straight

The body of a Highland Straight is quite slender, but strong and muscular.Weight – 3.5-4 kg for females and 4-6 kg for males. Height – about 30 cm.
Their movements should be free and not painful, and their hind legs should allow them to jump well. The tail is long, up to the middle of the scapula, mobile, moderately wide.

Highland Straight Ears

Highland Straights have particular ears. They should be of modest size, straight, with rounded tips, and may be decorated with beautiful long fur tassels. Other ears, such as those that are too large, are a defect that can lead to a reduction in show grade.

How to Care for a Highland Straight

Highland Straight Cat grooming is easy. It consists of regular ear cleaning if necessary, teeth brushing (if the owner wishes), wiping the area around the eyes if there is any excretion, bathing 3-5 times a year and combing 1-2 times a week. During the shedding period, combing should be done once every 1-2 days. Claws can also be trimmed if preferred.

Highland Straight kitten

Feeding is not complicated, check with your breeder or talk to your veterinarian about the appropriate diet. The main thing is that your cat should not overeat and drink enough water.
Thus, the conclusion is that the Highland Straight cat has terrific looks, temperament, and is easy to care for. With proper breeding this healthy and socialized pet will be a great companion for years to come. If you want to buy a Highland Straight kitten, look for a cattery that breeds them professionally. You may be lucky enough to find a local breeder to be able to personally select your ideal Highland Straight kitten.

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