Regional breeder in Campania, Tasmania (TAS) raises lovely Scottish kittens

Our breeder is proud to present you our best litter of Scottish Folds. This feline breed is unique because of the fold gene, and therefore our upbringing job is not easy. But it is forever amusing, because we are pleased with the outcome: our kittens are vigorous, socialized, and satisfy the best criteria of the breed.

Scottish Kingdom Cats in Campania bengal kittens cattery

Scottish Folds are a relatively new breed. It appeared in 1961. Since that time, this breed has undergone many changes. But later the breeders succeeded in achieving that specific phenotype, which is different from any particular breed appearance. Thanks to small flattened ears, the adorable round muzzle, and cozy baby-bear-like fur, Scottish cats became very popular around the world

Why our team in Campania breeds Scottish Fold Cats

These incredible cats are quickly socialized and are tender to their owners. A Scottish Fold cat merely has a kind personality. And the treatment of Scottish Folds is regular, the owners are to keep an eye on the coat and ears. In addition, the owners have to find the proper feeding diet. Purebred Scottish Folds have quite fine health and with the right maintenance, they live normally 15 years or more. Responsible breeders always breed only Fold and Straights being thorough with the lop-eared gene. In this case, your little one will not face difficulties with joint sicknesses. By buying a Scottish Fold little from an experienced cattery, you make the correct decision and therefore have a healthy creature with a friendly personality and impressive appearance. The main point is to pick the proper local Scottish Fold cattery, which reliably approaches the complex aspects of breeding.

Why pedigree Scottish Fold kittens have good health and temperament

The breeding experience over time has proved that many Scottish Fold behavioral patterns are based on genes. Scottish fold kind is emphasized by noticeable traits. Nevertheless, some owners inform about different behavioral patterns among Scottish kittens buying from various catteries.

Our Scottish Kingdom Cats in Campania, Tasmania (TAS) maintains the expert approach and is doing everything possible to raise healthy and cheerful Scottish Fold littles. We select and raise certainly the finest Scottish cats maintaining health exercises, hygiene, grooming, and treatment. Include the plan of maintenance procedures, security measures, and sometimes even the legal aspects of certificates and permissions. Afterward, above all with breeding rules and proper experience in genetics.

All these requirements allow us in Campania give you Scottish Fold littles demonstrating:

  • The highest pedigree standards
  • Predictable behavioral patterns
  • Lack of inherited sicknesses

Additionally, we stay informed about up-to-date improvements in Scottish Fold cat raising, as our technology-driven age steadily changes and upgrades all our knowledge. While the range of keeping an experienced breeder may seem frightening, the outcome makes joy and is pretty fascinating: all our Scottish Fold kittens are tender and healthy and show the finest Scottish breed traits and temperament.

Business Name Scottish Kingdom Cats
Country Australia
State Tasmania (TAS)
City Campania
ZIP 7026
Address Enfield Ln, Campania, 7026, Australia
Phone (413) 519-8768

Is a Scottish little or a Scottish Fold grown-up one better for adoption

If you want to form your Scottish Fold cat traits, we would recommend adopting a Scottish Fold kitten. Surely, you might need to have a higher grade of forbearance and tolerance. While they can give a lot of entertainment to you, Scottish Fold littles are meanwhile very hard as they find out about the environment around them and improve their identities. It is considered that by around 24 months of age, a cat’s temperament is completely developed.

Consequently, the earlier a Scottish Fold kitten meets you, the more positive you buy a Scottish Fold that matches your predictions. So browse the complete catalog of the area Scottish Fold cat breeders. It will let know how many kittens are actually available at the time of purchase and pick up the best companion possible. Surely, when picking a cat, you have to understand if the Scottish Fold suits your way of living. And, if the answer is yes, go ahead!

Scottish Kingdom Cats in Campania Scotish fold kittens cattery

Our team in Campania everything possible to set up the frameworks of temperament for each little. Being prepared for adopting a pet means a kitten has got basic communication skills and is potty trained. It must understand that any nasty habit will be kind but strictly restrained. It’s easier to be certain about what you’re getting while visiting our cattery in Campania and getting familiar both with parents and the living conditions. A visit to us can make you sure, that our Scottish Fold kittens are socialized.

Undoubtedly, as with humans, it is better to start training a kitten at an early age. On average, Scottish Fold kittens are prepared for adoption at 9 to 12 weeks of age, meanwhile, they are more independent from their mother and have all vaccines. If you are busy looking after a little one, it’s better to adopt an adult Scottish. Various breeders in Campania set adult Scottish Fold cats up for adoption. Be prepared to take a cat with a previously formed temperament. With true affection and attention, you will eventually shape an ideal friendship.

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