Unique features of Highland Straight cats

Highland Straight cat

The Highland Straight is a type of Scottish cat breed, whose features include straight ears and long coat. The pros of this one are the same as those of other Scottish cats: a good character, quiet temperament, (more…)

Highland Fold is rare and exotic cat breed

Highland Fold

Among the four varieties of Scottish cats there is such an intriguing breed as Highland Fold. This cat breed is exotic and quite rare. It is only gaining popularity due to its uniqueness. Where else on (more…)

Scottish Folds breed history

Scottish Fold cat

Here’s a quick pop quiz for you. What kind of pedigreed cat could trace its ancestry back to the common ancestor of all cats that are that belong to this breed? And we have her name? What cat is compared (more…)

Scottish Folds vs Highland Folds

Scottish fold vs highland fold

Have you ever wondered why people refer to the Scottish Fold breed Highland Fold even though it’s an incorrect statement? There’s not a complete theory on it, let’s discuss the differences and similarities (more…)

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