Scottish Fold vs Scottish Straight What are Scottish Cats

Do you know what kind of Scottish cats there are? Do you know the difference between a Straight and a Fold?If you think that there is only a short-haired Scottish Fold cat breed, that’s not true. There are as many as four varieties of Scottish cats. Let’s talk about each of them in detail.

Scottish fold Scottish straight kittens

Scottish Fold appearance

Short-haired Scottish Fold has an inimitable baby-face, due to the fact that her muzzle and head are round, her eyes are round and large, her ears are round around the head and bent forward in a fold. To this description should be added a short coat with a very dense undercoat, as a result of which such murkies look like teddy bears.

Another undoubted advantage of the Scottish Fold cat is the character. Gentle, friendly, affectionate, sociable, and not aggressive. It is worth noting that many cats of this breed are skittish and temperamental. This largely depends on the presence of genes of British cat within the next 4-5 generations. If these genes are present, then the personality can be tougher. No wonder that Scottish Fold cats, despite the very complicated history of breeding, eventually conquered the whole world and are the pets of many people, even celebrities, who have access to any expensive and exotic animals.

Scottish fold kittens

In general, the Scottish Fold is a real dream. With one exception: the Fold gene may cause joint disease in some cases. We will not talk about this in detail now. Let’s just say that every future owner should be aware of this feature. Read more about the Scottish Fold breed here.

Scottish Straight

If you’re afraid that the Fold gene can cause a health issue, look no further than the Scottish Straight, which is another variety of Scottish cat. It fully repeats the character, habits and appearance of the Fold with one exception: its ears stick up, rather than being folded down along the head. On the one hand, this deprives the cat of the original appearance of Scottish Fold cats. On the other hand, due to the fact that Scottish Straights do not have the Fold gene, they do not have serious joint problems. Accordingly, these cats are healthier. Read more about the Scottish Straight here.

Highland Straights

This is the twin of the Scottish Straight, but with a long and fluffy coat. Unlike Persian breed, Highland hair does not form tangles and does not look like wool, if it is not combed in time. It is enough to comb out Highlands once or twice a week. If not combed for a long time, then, of course, they will form tangles too. Therefore, the Scottish long-haired straight-eared cat is easier to care for than the Persian. But it will cause some inconvenience during molting. Molting occurs twice a year, in the spring and fall. However, there are some that molt year-round. Read more about Highland Straight here.

Highland Fold

Those who are not afraid of neither long hair, nor the Fold gene, can become the happy owners as if an alien creature called a Highland Fold. Alien, because where else will you find a shaggy lump with ears folded to the head, looking like a furry ball! A Highland Fold is a type of Scottish cat, whose peculiarity is folded ears and long hair. All other characteristics are the same as the other Scottish. That is, her character is not bad and her care is not complicated. Read more about the Highland Fold here.

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