Local breeder in Beaumont, Alberta (AB) offers lovely Scottish Fold cats

Our breeder is happy to present you our best litter of Scottish Folds. This feline breed is not like others thanks to the lop-eared gene, and therefore our raising work is not simple. But it is always amusing, and we are satisfied with the outcome: all our kittens are healthy, friendly, and match the best criteria of this breed.

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Scottish Folds are a quite new cat breed. This breed originated in 1961. Since that time, this breed has gone through many changes. But later the breeders succeeded in achieving this specific appearance, which is not repeated any particular breed appearance. Thanks to small folded forward ears, the adorable round muzzle, and soft baby-bear-like fur, Scottish cats became highly popular all over the world

Why our cattery in Beaumont breeds Scottish Fold Cats

These incredible cats are easily socialized and are affectionate to their owners. A Scottish Fold cat usually demonstrates a kind nature. And the care of Scottish Folds is regular, the owners are to pay regular attention to the fur and ears. The owners also have to find the right feeding diet. Pedigree Scottish Folds have fairly good healthy breeding heritage and with the correct maintenance, they live normally 15 years or more. Responsible catteries always breed just Fold and Straights being thorough with the lop-eared gene. In that case, your little one will not have problems with joint diseases. Purchasing a Scottish Fold little from a responsible breeder, you make the correct decision and therefore get a healthy pet with a friendly traits and impressive appearance. The main thing is to find the proper nearby Scottish Fold cattery, which reliably handles the complex issues of breeding.

Why pedigree Scottish Fold cats have great health and traits

The upbringing experience over the years has proved that many Scottish Fold behavioral traits are found in genes. Scottish fold kind is emphasized by pronounced temperament. However, some owners tell about different behavioral traits among Scottish Folds coming from various catteries.

Our cattery in Beaumont, Alberta (AB) follows the professional approach and is doing its best to bring up healthy and joyful Scottish kittens. We choose and raise undeniably the best Scottish kittens following health practices, sanitation, grooming, and care. Add to the plan of maintenance procedures, security measures, and from time to time even the lawful features of certificates and permits. Afterward, above all with breeding standards and good experience in genetics.

All these conditions let our cattery in Beaumont offer you Scottish littles demonstrating:

  • The best pedigree standards
  • Predictable behavioral patterns
  • Lack of genetic illnesses

Moreover, we stay informed about up-to-date methods in Scottish cat breeding, as our technological century continually revises and upgrades all our understanding. During the scope of maintaining an experienced breeder may look daunting, the result makes fun and is pretty interesting: entirely our Scottish Fold littles are lovely and in a healthy condition and show the finest Scottish Fold breed patterns and personality.

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Is a Scottish Fold kitten or a Scottish Fold grown-up one better for adoption

If you want to form your Scottish kitten personality, we would advise adopting a Scottish Fold kitten. Surely, you might need to have a bigger level of forbearance and tolerance. While they can give a lot of entertainment to you, Scottish littles are meanwhile very challenging as they find out about the environment along with them and explore their temperaments. It seems that after two years, a pet’s traits is completely formed.

So, the sooner a Scottish Fold kitten meets you, the more positive you get a Scottish Fold that meets your predictions. So look trough the complete catalog of the local Scottish cat breeders. It will let know how many kittens are actually affordable at the time of buying and pick up the perfect pet possible. Of course, when choosing a kitten, you should understand whether the Scottish Fold suits your lifestyle. And, if the reply is yeah, go ahead!

Pretylilthings in Beaumont Scotish fold cats cattery

Our team in Beaumont everything possible to put the frameworks of personality for each little. Being prepared for adopting a pet means a little has got main socialization abilities and is litter-box trained. A kitten needs to know that any nasty habit will be tenderly but strictly restrained. It’s easier to be certain about what you’re buying while coming to our Pretylilthings in Beaumont and getting acquainted both with cats and the living atmosphere. A visit to us will make you sure, that the Scottish littles are socialized.

No doubt, as with humans, it is better to begin training a cat at an early age. Generally, Scottish Fold kittens are ready for adoption at 3 to 4 months of age, when they are more independent from their mother and immunized. If you do not have much time to look after a little one, it’s preferable to shelter a grown-up Scottish Fold. Different shelters in Beaumont set adult Scottish cats up for adoption. Be ready to get a cat with an already formed temperament. With decent affection and care, you will eventually form a perfect bond.

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