Regional cattery in Brooklyn, New York (NY) raises lovely Scottish Fold kittens

Our breeder is happy to present you the best litter of Scottish Folds. This feline breed is unique due to the lop-eared gene, and therefore our breeding job is sometimes complicated. Nevertheless, it is always delightful, and we can be happy with the outcome: our kittens are healthy, socialized, and match the best standards of this breed.

Scottish Fold Kittens Brooklyn New York in Brooklyn bengal kittens cattery

Scottish Folds are a quite young breed. It arose in 1961. Since then, this breed has gone through a lot of changes. Nevertheless, later the catteries managed to reach this particular appearance, which is different from any particular cat breed appearance. Thanks to triangle flattened ears, the adorable round muzzle, and soft plush coat, Scottish folds became highly famous around the world

Why our cattery in Brooklyn breeds Scottish Fold Cats

These stunning creatures are easily socialized and are affectionate to their owners. A Scottish Fold cat merely demonstrates a kind personality. And the care of Scottish Folds is easy, you are to need to look after the coat and ears. The owners also need to choose the right nutrition diet. Purebred Scottish Fold cats have fairly fine healthy breeding heritage and with the right maintenance, they live normally 15 years or more. Responsible catteries always breed only Fold and Straights paying close attention to the lop-eared gene. In this case, your kitten will not face health issues with joint illnesses. Purchasing a Scottish Fold kitten from an experienced cattery, you make the right decision and therefore buy a healthy cat with a friendly temperament and impressive look. The important thing is to find the proper regional Scottish Fold breeder, which reliably approaches the hard issues of upbringing.

Why purebred Scottish Fold kittens have great health and personality

The breeding work over time has demonstrated that many Scottish Fold behavioral traits are found in genes. Scottish fold type is highlighted by expressed personality. However, some owners tell about different behavioral traits among Scottish cats coming from various breeders.

Our Scottish Fold Kittens Brooklyn New York in Brooklyn, New York (NY) follows the professional way and is doing everything possible to bring up healthy and happy Scottish Fold littles. We choose and raise certainly the best Scottish cats maintaining health practices, sanitation, grooming, and care. Include the list of care procedures, safety measures, and sometimes even the legal features of licenses and permits. Afterward, top it all off with breeding rules and excellent understanding of genetics.

All these requirements let us in Brooklyn give you Scottish littles demonstrating:

  • The best breed standards
  • Expected behavioral traits
  • Lack of inherited sicknesses

Moreover, we keep up with current methods in Scottish Fold cat upbringing, as our high-tech century constantly reviews and upgrades entirely our knowledge. While the scope of keeping an experienced cattery may seem scary, the outcome brings fun and is pretty interesting: entirely our Scottish kittens are tender and strong and present the best Scottish breed traits and personality.

Business Name Scottish Fold Kittens Brooklyn New York
Country USA
State New York (NY)
City Brooklyn
ZIP 11218
Address 320 Ocean Pkwy Apt A6, Brooklyn
Phone (347) 430-1996

Is a Scottish Fold kitten or a Scottish cat better to adopt

If you intend to form your Scottish kitten traits, we would advise taking home a Scottish Fold kitten. Surely, you should have a bigger level of patience and kindness. While they are able to give a lot of entertainment to you, Scottish Fold kittens are meantime very difficult as they explore the environment along with them and develop their personalities. It is considered that by around 24 months of age, a cat’s personality is completely built.

Therefore, the sooner a Scottish Fold kitten comes to you, the more certain you have a Scottish that fulfills your expectations. So look trough the full list of the local Scottish Fold cat catteries. This allows to know how many litters are currently available at the time of buying and pick up the best companion possible. Surely, when choosing a kitten, you should understand if the Scottish Fold suits your lifestyle. And, if the reply is yeah, go on!

Scottish Fold Kittens Brooklyn New York in Brooklyn Scotish fold cats breeder

Our team in Brooklyn does its best to set up the frameworks of personality for each kitten. Being ready for adopting a pet means a kitten has got main communication skills and is litter-box trained. It needs to understand that any bad habit will be affectionately but precisely suppressed. It’s easier to be certain about what you’re buying while visiting our Scottish Fold Kittens Brooklyn New York in Brooklyn and getting familiar both with cats and the living atmosphere. A visit to us can ensure you, that our Scottish littles are communicative.

Undoubtedly, as with people, it is better to begin training a kitten at a young age. Usually, Scottish Fold littles are ready for taking away at 9 to 12 weeks of age, meanwhile, they are more independent from their mother and vaccinated. If you are busy looking after a kitten, it’s preferable to adopt a grown-up Scottish. Several shelters in Brooklyn put adult Scottish Fold cats up for adoption. Be prepared to own a cat with a previously formed traits. With proper affection and care, you will eventually create an ideal relationship.

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