Local cattery in Fort Worth, Texas (TX) offers amazing Scottish kittens

Our breeder is happy to present you the finest litter of Scottish Folds. This feline breed is special thanks to the lop-eared gene, and thus our raising work is not simple. Nevertheless, it is always delightful, and we are satisfied with the outcome: our littles are vigorous, friendly, and meet the highest standards of the breed.

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Scottish Folds are a relatively young cat breed. It originated in 1961. Since then, the breed has undergone many modifications. But later the breeders succeeded in reaching this specific phenotype, which is different from any other cat breed appearance. Thanks to small flattened ears, the adorable “baby” face, and soft plush fur, Scottish cats became highly popular worldwide

Why our team in Fort Worth specializes in Scottish Folds

These amazing creatures are quickly socialized and are affectionate to their owners. A Scottish Fold cat usually has an amiable temperament. And the treatment of Scottish Folds is standard, you are to pay regular attention to the coat and ears. You additionally need to pick the proper feeding diet. Pedigree Scottish Fold cats have quite fine healthy breeding heritage and with the right maintenance, they live usually 15 years or longer. Reliable catteries always breed just Fold and Straights being careful with the lop-eared gene. In that case, the little one will not face health issues with joint illnesses. Purchasing a Scottish kitten from an experienced breeder, you make the correct choice and therefore get a healthy creature with a great traits and impressive look. The main thing is to choose the right nearby Scottish Fold cattery, which responsibly handles the complex issues of upbringing.

Why pedigree Scottish Fold cats inherit great health and temperament

The upbringing experience over time has demonstrated that a lot of Scottish Fold behavioral traits are found in genetics. Scottish fold breed is featured by expressed personality. However, some owners report different behavioral traits among Scottish Folds buying from various breeders.

Our cattery in Fort Worth, Texas (TX) maintains the professional approach and is doing everything possible to raise healthy and joyful Scottish kittens. We choose and breed undoubtedly the finest Scottish Folds following health practices, sanitation, grooming, and care. Include the plan of maintenance procedures, safety actions, and sometimes even the lawful aspects of licenses and permits. Then, above all with breeding rules and proper understanding of genetics.

All these terms allow us in Fort Worth give you Scottish Fold littles demonstrating:

  • The highest breed standards
  • Expected behavioral patterns
  • Absence of inherited diseases

Moreover, we keep abreast of present methods in Scottish cat upbringing, as our high-tech age continually changes and upgrades all of our knowledge. While the scope of maintaining an experienced breeder may seem daunting, the result makes fun and is pretty fascinating: all of our Scottish Fold littles are friendly and strong and present the finest Scottish Fold breed patterns and personality.

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Is a Scottish Fold little or a Scottish grown-up one better to adopt

If you plan to change your Scottish kitten traits, we would recommend getting a Scottish Fold little. Surely, you should have a bigger grade of forbearance and tolerance. While they are able to give a lot of enjoyment to your life, Scottish kittens are at the same time extremely difficult as they discover the environment around them and explore their temperaments. It seems that by around 24 months of age, a cat’s personality is completely developed.

Therefore, the earlier a Scottish Fold kitten comes to your family, the more certain you get a Scottish Fold that meets your expectations. So look trough the comprehensive list of the area Scottish cat breeders. It will let know how many kittens are currently affordable at the time of purchase and choose the best pet possible. Surely, when selecting a kitten, you should understand if the Scottish Fold fits your lifestyle. And, if the reply is yes, go on!

Scottishfold1 in Fort Worth Scotish fold cats breeder

Our team in Fort Worth tries to do its best to put the frameworks of traits for every little. Being ready for adopting a cat means a little has got primary communication skills and is litter-box trained. It ought to understand that any nasty habit will be kind but precisely suppressed. It’s easier to be sure about what you’re getting while visiting our Scottishfold1 in Fort Worth and getting familiar both with parents and the living atmosphere. A visit to our cattery will make you sure, that our Scottish kittens are socialized.

No doubt, as with people, it is preferable to start training a cat at an early age. Usually, Scottish Fold kittens are prepared for adoption at 9 to 12 weeks of age, when they are more independent from their mom and vaccinated. If you don’t have time to look after a little one, it’s better to adopt an adult Scottish. Several shelters in Fort Worth set grown-up Scottish Fold cats up for adoption. Be ready to get a cat with an already shaped temperament. With proper love and attention, you will in the end create an ideal relationship.

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