Regional breeder in Moreno Valley, California (CA) sells gorgeous Scottish kittens

Our cattery is happy to present you the finest litter of Scottish Folds. This cat breed is unique because of the lop-eared gene, and thus our breeding job is sometimes complicated. Nevertheless, it is forever delightful, because we are happy with the outcome: our kittens are vigorous, friendly, and satisfy the highest standards of this breed.

Beyond Cuteness Scottish Fold Cattery in Moreno Valley bengal cats breeder

Scottish Fold is a relatively new breed. This breed arose in 1961. Since that time, this breed has undergone many modifications. But later the breeders managed to reach this specific appearance, which is not like any particular breed appearance. Thanks to small flattened ears, the adorable round muzzle, and soft baby-bear-like fur, Scottish cats became very well-known worldwide

Why our cattery in Moreno Valley breeds Scottish Folds

These incredible cats are easily socialized and are affectionate to their owners. A Scottish Fold cat usually demonstrates a kind temperament. And the treatment of Scottish cats is standard, you are to pay constant attention to the coat and ears. In addition, you need to find the proper nutrition diet. Purebred Scottish Folds have quite fine health and with the right care, they live normally 15 years or more. Responsible breeders every time cross just Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight being careful with the fold gene. In that case, the little one will not face health issues with joint illnesses. By buying a Scottish Fold little from a responsible cattery, you make the right choice and therefore buy a healthy creature with a fine personality and impressive look. The main thing is to choose the right local Scottish Fold cattery, which responsibly handles the difficult aspects of upbringing.

Why purebred Scottish Fold kittens inherit great health and traits

The upbringing work for many years has shown that a lot of Scottish behavioral patterns are found in genes. Scottish fold kind is highlighted by noticeable temperament. Despite that, some owners report different behavioral traits among Scottish cats buying from various breeders.

Our cattery in Moreno Valley, California (CA) maintains the expert way and is doing everything possible to bring up healthy and cheerful Scottish littles. We pick and raise certainly the best Scottish Folds sticking to health practices, sanitation, grooming, and care. Add to the list of maintenance procedures, safety actions, and sometimes even the legal features of certificates and permits. Then, above all with breeding rules and excellent knowledge of genetics.

All these terms help our cattery in Moreno Valley give you Scottish Fold kittens demonstrating:

  • The best breed criteria
  • Predictable behavioral patterns
  • Absence of genetic sicknesses

In addition, we stay informed about up-to-date improvements in Scottish Fold cat breeding, as our technological era continually revises and upgrades entirely our knowledge. During the scope of keeping an experienced breeder may seem daunting, the outcome brings fun and is pretty captivating: entirely our Scottish kittens are friendly and in a healthy condition and show the finest Scottish Fold breed patterns and personality.

Business Name Beyond Cuteness Scottish Fold Cattery
Country USA
State California (CA)
City Moreno Valley
ZIP 92557
Address 11185 Pioneer Ridge Rd, Moreno Valley, California (CA)
Phone (323) 313-7791

Is a Scottish Fold kitten or a Scottish cat better to adopt

If you want to change your Scottish kitten traits, we would recommend getting a Scottish Fold kitten. Surely, you should have a bigger grade of patience and tolerance. While they are able to bring a lot of entertainment to your life, Scottish Fold kittens are meanwhile very complicated as they find out about the environment around them and improve their personalities. It seems that after 24 months, a cat’s personality is fully developed.

Therefore, the sooner a Scottish little joins your family, the more sure you get a Scottish that fulfills your predictions. So browse the full list of the local Scottish cat breeders. It lets know how many litters are actually affordable at the moment of buying and get the perfect companion imaginable. Surely, when picking a cat, you have to understand if the Scottish fits your way of living. And, if the respond is yeah, go ahead!

Beyond Cuteness Scottish Fold Cattery in Moreno Valley Scotish fold cats breeder

Our Scottish Fold cattery in Moreno Valley everything possible to set up the frameworks of traits for each kitten. Being ready for becoming a pet means a little has got primary socialization abilities and is litter-box trained. A kitten ought to know that any nasty habit will be kind but precisely suppressed. It’s easier to be confident about what you’re choosing while coming to our cattery in Moreno Valley and getting familiar both with cats and the living atmosphere. A visit to us can ensure you, that the Scottish kittens are communicative.

No doubt, as with people, it is preferable to start training a kitten at an early age. Generally, Scottish Fold kittens are ready for taking away at 3 to 4 months of age, when they are less dependent on their mother and have all vaccines. If you do not have much time to look after a little one, it’s preferable to get an adult Scottish. Various catteries in Moreno Valley put grown-up Scottish cats up for adoption. Be ready to get a cat with an already shaped traits. With true love and attention, you will finally create an ideal connection.

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