The simple guide for grooming your Scottish Fold cat

Yes, we are aware that cats maintain their cleanliness. But, they need some
attention to ensure they remain clean and healthy. Cats are known for keeping their owners alert while grooming, and Scottish Folds are not an exception. How to properly care for a Scottish Fold? Try to imagine that a Fold loves to bathe. Or is the idea of an adorable Scottish cat getting crazy and climbing on the tub, escaping without any sense, still more realistic? The grooming of kittens and cats can be a challenge. So, make sure you use the appropriate tools. Begin with your Fold kitten’s age and gradually introduce regular grooming routines that ease the burden.

Combing Scottish Foldcat

Why is it important to comb your Scottish Foldcat

Scottish Fold Cat grooming is an natural extension of the love and affection owners already give their pets. A small amount of love can make a difference.

Veterinarians as well as groomers and breeders suggest that cats get an occasional grooming session every day due to a variety of reasons. The following are the four different ways that grooming will benefit your cat:

  • Reduces hairballs
  • Controls of fleas
  • Removes dead skin/fur
  • Degrease the coat

The regular combing and brushing helps stimulate the cat’s skin, and helps keep the coat healthy and clean. Brush or comb shorthaired cats at least every week and longhaired cats at least every once a every day or even more frequently depending on the need. It also helps keep the house clean and reduces the risk that the cleanup process will be hampered.

A comb gets to the skin of the cat better than a brush, particularly for long-haired cat breeds. The combs with fine and wide teeth are combined to give the most effective results. We strongly recommend using the Furminator tool for deShedding. Take a wide-tooth comb over the coat fur first. You can follow up with a more fine tooth later. The most important is to remove all the shed-like undercoat.

While brushing or combing your cat, look at the body for signs of problems like skin irritations, ticks or fleas, and mats, which could get caught within the fur.

Take care to brush mats. If they don’t seem to comb out, consult an experienced groomer. Do not use scissors yourself to get a mat out. The feline skin is very elastic and cutting a cat may be a matter of seconds. Bring it better to the experienced groomer simply can do it better.

You might be interested in best ways to get rid of hairballs from cats. There are different strokes needed to groom both short and longhaired cats. Check out where the comb falls down on these coats for cats.

How often to comb Scottish Fold cats

Double-coated shorthaired Scottish Folds and Scottish Straights have soft silky fur that flatters their bodies. They require periodic combing, to ensure they are looking well groomed. To keep these coats in top condition brush and/or comb on average twice per week will help maintain an enviable coat and to prevent hairballs due to excessive self-grooming.

Longhaired double coated Highlend Fold and Highlend Strait cats egular grooming, usually with a comb made from steel to ensure it is in good condition. During shedding it may be necessary to comb out the hair twice a day. They are easier to groom than Persian or Angora cats because they are silkier and don’t tend to pile up.

How to clip claws of your Scottish cat

On average, clip your Scottish Fold cat’s claws monthly. If you have not trimmed your cat’s claws before, it’s better to ask a groomer or a breeder to teach you. Make sure not to cut the quick or pink part of the claw as it could hurt your cat and lead to bleeding.
For clipping your cat’s claws, you’ll require a pair of cat claw trimmers. Our top recommendation would be The Pet Republique Nail Clippers.

Once you are comfortable with your Scottish Fold cat, put it on a counter or table. Move your hands across the body of your pet and speak to it with a gentle tone to make both of you calm down. You can hover over the cat with your body to hold it still.

Then, lift one of the front legs on your left. Don’t lift it to high or bend it to the side. It must be kept close to the cat to ensure your control as well as the cat’s comfort and security. Press down lightly on the soft pads of your paws. This triggers those claws “push-button” feature, automatically stretching them out for you to observe.

cutting claws

Cut only the clear hooked part, and not the pink area near the paws, that is actually an actual vein. If you clip too closely and cut it, it’s likely to bleeding and cause cat discomfort. It’s not a serious injury if you happen to nick the vein. A small amount of styptic powder or a rub of soapy bar can stop bleeding instantly.

While the cat is still resting on the counter or table move towards the rear claws raising each paw the amount needed in order to reveal the claw. For Scottish cats that are squirmy it is possible to require an assistant to ensure that the neck scruff is held in place so your cat isn’t twisted and flee.

After you’re done, put your cat on the floor. Don’t be shocked if it is quick to get away. If you are successful in completing this vital task and you’re successful, there’s a reasons to be proud. Maintaining your cat’s claws in good shape will greatly reduce scratches to your furniture and make it much more comfortable.

How often to bathe a Scottish cat

A Scottish lop cat should only be bathed when necessary. Bathing is not only stressful for the pet and its owner, it can also reduce the protective properties of the coat of a Scottish Fold when washed frequently. Therefore, it is recommended to use dry shampoo for mild soiling.

scottish fold-bath

Bathing is recommended when the coat is heavily soiled, before a show, mating and other similar cases. Before bathing, all the necessary accessories should be prepared and conveniently placed not on the edge of the tub. Anti-slip mat should be placed on the bottom of the bath to give the Scottish Fold cat a stable position. Only use cat shampoos which are specially formulated for cats. Products for people and dogs, as well as soaps are not suitable for washing Scottish Folds. Shampoos based on medicinal herbs or seaweed are considered most suitable (attention: an allergic reaction to the components of such shampoos is possible).

As you can see, Scottish cat grooming is easy enough. Love and patience will turn grooming from a routine to a pleasure for both you and your Fold. And remember, there are always available groomers who will professionally take care of maintaining your pet’s beauty at the proper level.

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