Indoor vs Outdoor Living of Scottish Folds

It is best to keep your Scottish Fold cat stay inside, for the duration of time. It is the guidance that many Scottish Fold cat experts offer and have their own justifications. However, indoor cats can exhibit a range of behavioral and psychological issues over the long term. In the end, nobody wants to be forever locked in a jail.

skotish fold outdoor

The Urban Scottish Cats

The issue is that in the past few decades, the majority of people have relocated to cities. This means we need to make our pets urban in order to allow to keep them with us. The urbanization of cats is especially challenging, and is the reason for the current common issue of indoor and outdoor living. In a city surroundings, it’s risky to allow your Scottish cat to wander about outside. There are not only fights and predators with other cats as well as Infestation and poisoning are likely. The best option is to keep your Scottish Fold cat’s access to your home and, in fact, it works for many.

Indoor cats are not exposed to the dangers of the city. But they have other issues to handle. For example in order to keep your Foldie cat indoors, it means that you have to make your house “escape proof” , make sure you keep all windows all the time closed etc…

Cats do not have any adaptation mechanisms to living in an apartment for the duration of their existence. They also lack the ability to cope with the overwhelming conditions of the city that can create anxiety and even anger to certain cats.

Outdoor Scottish Fold Cats

Outdoor cats have something that all of us strive for every day freedom! They can play whatever they like to explore, roam, interact with other cats fighting or patrol their territory hunt and take in the sunshine. But , as is the case with everything else, the cost of freedom is steep, we’ll see what the cats have to take on to live a life of freedom.

The most obvious example is the risk of death or injury. Many cats die every year of tragic car crashes. The more crowded your area is, the greater the chance that your Scottish Fold cat could be involved in an accident. Humans aren’t the only ones who bully however it is possible and result in serious injuries. The last but not least are the injuries sustained by pets like cats or other animals.

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Another threat that the Scottish Fold cat living outside is poisoning. Cats can be poisoned by chemical substances employed by the plants of their neighbors or by other means. They may also be poisoned when they eat a poisoned animal, such as the rat. The most serious issue is the chance of illnesses and infestations. All the social interaction and particularly fighting that includes scratching and biting could easily cause infections. Parasites are able to be easily picked up while your Scottish Fold cat is in the outdoors. A few of the parasites and diseases that your Foldie picks up could be harmful for you and your beloved ones too. If you allow your Scottish Fold cat out in the open you must be extremely careful. It is suggested to keep your Scottish Fold cat wormed regularly and make sure you pay your veterinarian regular visits to check your health.

In addition to the health benefits and in the event that you decide to allow your Scottish Fold outside, there are other options to consider. Altering your Scottish cat’s behavior is a must to avoid a many problems and greatly reduce any risk. For more details on how you can minimize the risk of living outdoors, check out this post.

Indoor Scottish Fold Cats

All of these dangers can be eliminated if you decide to keep your Scottish Fold cat inside. Indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats. If you decide to keep your Scottish Fold cat in the house but that means more work to do. Here’s a brief list of the things to be thinking about.

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Behavioural issues of your Scottish Fold

Forcing your Scottish Fold cat inside can cause various behavioural issues. For instance, your Scottish Fold cat could become dependent on the person you are. You’ll be their only source of stimulation and enjoyment and food and friendship. This can be a difficult situation for you both. Other behavioral issues that could occur are related to the territorial instincts of cats. If your Scottish Fold cat is an indoor Scottish Fold cat, the house will be her home and she may be aggressive towards new pets and/or people, even objects! The effect of this can be reduced by changing the environment.

Limits for your Fold throughout life

One other problem is that you must keep your Scottish Fold cat in a cage. It’s not always simple and can be exhausting. It is necessary to establish guidelines for yourself and other people, and that’s why that you do not leave windows or doors unlocked. It is important to ensure to ensure your Scottish cat isn’t escaping every time you open your front door , and so on. If there are children in the home, this is even more challenging.

Litter Box

It’s not much of a problem once you become familiar with it. However, not everybody can get familiar with the process. Every week, cleaning the litter isn’t just a way to earn extra cash spent, but it’s also something that people do not enjoy doing.
Greater curiosity. Since your Scottish Fold cat will not be able to ease the urge to explore in the outside world and the house isn’t changed significantly, your Scottish Fold cat will want to find relief by exploring everything. This can sometimes cause trouble, such as scratching wires, smelling cleaners or even getting in washers.
All of these and other things can make life a lot more challenging when you have a Scottish Fold cat in the home. You’ll have to devote more time interacting with your Scottish Fold cat’s needs and keep it in the house. This is a hassle which you won’t face should you let her out in the open.

The Extraordinary, Living Out of town

Both of the situations above pose a problem. However, not everyone is affected. you realize the main issue is the fact that people live in apartments in bustling cities. This can be avoided when you live in the countryside. If you live in a rural area, your Scottish Fold cat is safer living outdoors and living the freedom of living and you can enjoy his or her company too.

Cats that roam outside can bring to your home all kinds of filthy things, even their hunting excursions! A Scottish Fold cat that is inside and out is an easy way for parasites and diseases enter your home. If you wish, you can give your Scottish Fold cat a shelter during the night. Create a space that is separate from your home to ensure the security and safety.

If you believe that your Scottish Fold cat must have a the best of both worlds as well as a yard, you could consider an exclusive fence that will keep the Scottish Fold cat inside and out of other cats. That is perhaps the ideal option for a Scottish Fold cat who lives indoors. Another thing to be aware of when your feline has at home in one place, it will be extremely stressful and difficult to switch. If your Scottish Fold cat is used to to living in a house, giving access to the outdoors can make your Scottish Fold cat more susceptible to the dangers we discussed earlier. This is also true for the other way around. Outdoor cats will have a difficult times adjusting to an indoor setting.

What is it about The Scottish Folds

Scottish folds aren’t an exception and, as we’ve previously stated, they are a fervent desire to explore. It is recommended to alter them again as it stifles many behaviors that can cause problems for indoor cats, and puts at risk the outdoor cats.

For indoor cats, it would be ideal if you bring two kittens to keep them company and have fun with one another. For outdoor cats, it is recommended that you have a place to sleep at night, and also purchase a collar to catch or breakaway.

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