Training Your Scottish Fold kitten to a litter box

If you’re the proud parent of a new Scottish Fold kitten. The question of how to train your kitten will likely be on your list of concerns. It may be a relief to learn that the process of training a litter box is generally a simple process. A majority of kittens move into their new homes having been taught how to use the litter box by their moms, and those who don’t get it get aided by a strong desire to hide the evidence after having done the act. But, if your brand-new kitten needs some guidance these steps will aid.

litter box


Things You’ll require

To get your Scottish Fold cat in the right direction towards creating good bathroom habits You’ll require some of the following items:

Litter box

The best idea is to keep one toilet than amount of cats making use of them. If you’re training the one Scottish Fold cat you should start with two litter boxes. Put them in places accessible to and provide security. If they’re not secure enough your Scottish Fold cat might not feel secure enough to utilize them.


You’ll have many options, including low-cost, non-clumping clay litter to expensive environmentally friendly options made of substances like recycled newspaper, pine pellets or even wheat. While most cats aren’t selective about the type of litter you pick certain cats are specific and will not use litter when they aren’t happy with the smell or texture. The best option is to start with a normal litter that is unscented and clumps up before deciding should you decide to use another type of litter, you can play around when your Scottish cat is fully litter-trained.

Playtime and treats

If you see your Fold’s little lovebug using the litter box give it an animal treat or piece of dried cat’s food. It is also possible to make use of toys and praise to build positive associations when you use this litterbox. In the end, you’ll have to gradually let it go of the expectation of an aliment-related reward each when it uses the box.


How to train a kitten to the litter box

Learn these steps on how to train your kitten to be a litter-trainer kitten. Litter box training tips let you make the training to a litter box playful and pleasant:

  1. Let your Fold kitten see the boxes when it arrives , by placing it inside and let it explore the boxes. Make sure you don’t remove the boxes until you’ve given them to it so that you don’t confuse it.
  2. Place your Fold’s litter box in a box immediately after eating and once it is awake from its nap. If you observe it acting like it’s begging to go and it appears to be being crouching or sniffing around in a certain location, take it away and place it in the litter box.
  3. Give it a reward each time you see it playing with it. Give it a high-five and an item of food or a gift.
  4. Do not punish or scold it for mistakes. This will only result in anxiety and stress, which can exacerbate the problem and make the training process more difficult. Cats don’t associate punishment with the situation that is being discussed, which isn’t a good idea to train them not to repeat the same mistake in the future.

Finally, positive litter box training will lead to impressive results. Soon you won’t even remember the problems of litter box training and your house will be clean, which will be another reason to cheer up!

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Litter Box

It is essential to take good care of your litter box. Not only will this assist in helping get rid of the “cat smell” from your home, but it’ll also ensure that using the box is an enjoyable experience for your Scottish Fold cat.

Make sure to scoop the box regularly to get rid of your cat’s waste. Replace the litter as needed, typically when the litter ceases to control the smell.

Make sure to clean and sterilize the litter box before changing out the litter. Make use of water and soap that is mild or a mixture of white vinegar and water. Avoid bleach commercial disinfectants or any other harsh chemicals that could cause harm to your Scottish Fold cat.

Utilize the enzyme cleanser to scrub areas that are outside of the box where your Fold has experienced accidents. This kind of cleaner can rid the area of the smell, which when left untreated, may make it want to continue walking to the area.

litter box cleaning

Training grown-up cats to a litter box

The majority of cats have a long time having a litterbox by the time they arrive to stay with you, however, you might encounter an issue with litter box training when the Scottish Fold cat was once the kind that was outside. However, cats possess all the instincts needed to teach them quickly the purpose of a litter box meant for. The process of getting them to accept the idea of litter could be the most difficult thing. In these cases it is suggested to fill the box with garden soil in the beginning. Once your Scottish cat is used to the box slowly replace larger amounts of soil, giving the Fold a chance to get comfortable with the new environment.

What to do if your Scottish Fold Cat does not want to use its litter box

Certain cats, as we’ve mentioned before, are extremely picky about the environment in which they’re prepared to go. If your Scottish Fold cat isn’t to get used to using the box, it may be because it isn’t a fan of the shape or size of the box, or the smell or the texture that the litter has. In the event that the container is closed, it is possible that it will feel it is too confined. It might be because it feels too exposed and prefers an enclosed box. It could also be that it is not happy with the position of the box or it could be that you just need to scoop out the box more frequently. It is possible to play around until you have found the ideal combination of elements that makes it comfortable enough to utilize the box.

If your Scottish Fold cat is grown-up it may be suffering with stiffness or joint pain that make accessing the box difficult. Take note of that the side of your box may have a height that it can’t reach, or whether it must climb stairs or leap up on something to access it.

Scottish fold litter box

Cats who have not yet be neutered or spayed could spray urine all over the house to establish their territory even after they have been litter box-trained, according to Petfinder. Most of the time, having your Fold spayed and neutered can end this behavior.

If your Scottish Fold cat uses the box frequently over a time , but then stop, or uses the box frequently, there could be a root cause. Stress and anxiety may cause cats to not use the litter box. So, take a look at whether there has been any significant changes to the environment around it, and speak with your vet. In most cases, according to the ASPCA that a cat’s decision to not use the toilet could be an indication of a medical issue like urinary tract infections that could turn into a serious condition when left untreated.

With everything you require to teach your Scottish Fold cat, you’re now on your way to having an enjoyable and harmonious bond with your new member. After you’ve eliminated health or stress-related issues and tried everything else and your Fold doesn’t seem to be getting used to the process, you may have to keep it in one small space with the box, for example, an area for laundry or a bathroom until it is able to use the box.

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