What you need to know before buying a Scottish Straight kitten

The Scottish Straight breed’s independence has been quite new. This was because in order to produce healthy kittens, without bending the ears, the pair should consist of two distinct types of Scottish cats. One has straight ears and the other has folded ears. Breeders are the only ones who should look into the nuances of breeding. For people who are not experts they are fluffy clouds that emit tranquility and tenderness. When you are in close proximity it’s hard not to be in love with one of these slender purr-purring cats. Because of his quick-wittedness, gentleness and unending kindness, Scottish Straight kitten perfectly fits into any family.

The origin of the Scottish Straight cat breed

In the present, Scots are considered more desirable and elite. However, they do not have straights folds, they would disappear. In contrast Scottish Straights are cats that have “drooping” ears, whose hearing organs are in an upright position until an age that is one month old. In general, if they were not in contact with each other two breeds of Scottish cats would not be able to exist. Thus it is believed that the “chronicle” of the existence of this breed starts when the very first kitten with a lop-eared coat named Suzy.

Scottish Straight cat

In the 60s early in the century that followed, British cat-spy William Ross found in one of the cities in Scotland an incredible feline cub with ears that were bent inwards. Both the breeder’s wife and him were both captivated by the fluffy white cat. The cat-british couple Britons instantly realized the potential is in a unique descendant of an usual outdoor cat.

In the following years, Susie introduced kittens to owners. One of the kittens was born with the maternal traits on the outer. The female, who was young and white, was named Snook. Utilizing the genetics of her family, Ross started breeding Scottish Folds. Through breeding, it was found out the gene that is autosomal dominant was responsible for the particular structure of the cat’s hearing organs. It is an “sick” trait inherited, and this “detail” of appearance is more likely to be a flaw rather instead of a source of pride.

But, William Ross continued the experiment. In order to breed Scottish pet animals, the breeder would spend the time mating them with British shorthair cats, as well as the typical domestic. The beginning of the year proved to be very successful. The British felinologist had the chance to obtain approximately 40 Scottish Folds as well as 30 straights from Scotland.

Ears of fruit of genetic tests were like those of a rabbits, and at first , the members of this breed were known as”lop-eared. Then, in 1966, they were referred to as folds. The same time the kotofei’s beauty was first registered. However, the experts began to realize that drooping ears could cause frequent infections or even deafness. Another issue that was more urgent was the unstable gene pool. This is why the British organisations ended the registration of the Scots following which the cats were able to conquer America.

In the United States, scientists were involved to rehabilitate the breed as well as developing the genetics. In 1973, the fluffy Scottish were endorsed through CFA and ACA. CFA and ACA in the year 1973, and five years later they received championship title.

Scottish Straight appearance

Scottish Straights look like adorable bears. They’re also not lacking in elegant cat style and grace. They are medium-sized kittens. Females weigh around 6-8 pounds, and males about 11-12 lb. Are Scottish.

Despite their soft exterior that they possess, they have a strong body with solid, sturdy bone. The length of the body from the line between the upper and lower back to your hips is about the same. Stocky and dense Scottish straight-line cats have rather short, plump paws. They have oval pads and large, and armed with clenched hands. They are proportional body weight. The length of the tail is the length from the base of the shoulder blades up to its middle. The shoulder with a noticeable taper towards the tips.

A lot of times, a Scottish Straight cats confused with British cats. On the surface, these two cat breeds are distinct in a variety of ways. Here are the most striking ones:

  • Scottish Straight cats weigh less.
  • Their more slim, elegant body is more made of plastic and mobile than the British.
  • In Scottish Straight cats the roundness of the skull is more prominent.

A large head proportionally joined to the body by an elongated neck. A round, bulging skull is concealed behind an elongated muzzle. The lines of a powerful and barely protruding chin is softened by cheeks that are large. For males, they appear more full. A short and wide nose appears like an elongated button. A tiny gap in between eyes located at the very base on the nose makes the face of the Scottish straight-eared cat an extra appeal and a sense of lightness.

Scottish Straight cat

The primary characteristic of the exterior of straights is the upright ears. They’re “locators” are either of medium or small in size. Scottish ears are tall on top of the head and are wide in relation to one another. The outer contour is evidently absent, however these Scottish cats do not resemble the fold-like fellows of straight Scots. Separated from their sides, both edges that connect the ears are round.

Scottish-Straightgs have big, round eyes. The sly feline eyes can reach the deepest parts of the human spirit. When it came to creating a palette of flowers, nature was extremely generous. They are rich and deep shades, which are complemented by the color of wool.

Scottish Straight cats have a thick plush coat made of thin silky hairs, silky as well as a dense undercoat that can be sized to fit the body. Wool is able to be mediumly long and short. Long-haired cats have furry paws and a its muzzle is shorter than that on the the body. A thin mane can be seen around the neck. The tail is adorned with an elongated plume.

Scottish Straight cat breed-related diseases

Scottish cats with the straight ears are an excellent breed with good health and solid immunity. For a long time , they will be a delight to their families with their gorgeous appearance and a soft kind attitude. Contrary to their hairy “relatives,” they managed to stay away from genetic disorders and deadly diseases. But for Scottish Straight is advised to see a veterinarian at least times throughout the year. Owners at least once a year should examine the health of their ears and teeth.

The particulars of the urinogenital tract along with the intestinal tract impact the list of banned and permissible products. Therefore, Scottish cats should not consume dishes that are high in fats and salts. Additionally, they should not eat the typical human food items and will not eat excessively hard food.

Scottish Straight kitten

Kittens are fed a milk mixture for up to 7 times per day, and gradually reduce the amount to an absolute minimum. The older straits are advised to consume less food than their younger counterparts, and their diet includes porridge, boiled meat , and vegetables. For the adult menu ensure that you are eating cottage cheese. Pets are not to be allowed to eat dry food.

Is a Scottish Straight good for your lifestyle

Scottish cat is perfect for any family. If someone is alone the cat will surround him with love and warmth. Straight is an excellent friend, he’s not intrusive or impulsive however at the same time , he is always available and willing to help his master in an incredibly difficult time.

In the homes where children reside, the arrival of a cute bear into the home, there is sure to be one more child. The Scots are sociable, happy and loving, just like the families with the youngest children. They can be found in harmony not just with other family members however, they also get along with other pets.

Scottish Straight cat breed are healthy pets that don’t require a lot of maintenance. Being able to take care of them, and interacting with cute cats is a great joy for the owner. Also this gorgeous dobryachok will bring joy to the most mundane of lives.

A Scottish Straight, among the top loved cats, is a wonderful representation of the feline species. She is a doll with an attractive face, playful eyes , and soft cheeks. Her coat is distinctive that is tightly packed with a soft, stunning undercoat. The cat is an adorable toy is a joy to play with every day.

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